April 17, 2021

Public figure status comes with a lot of judgement – says actor, singer, composer and digital super star Danish Alfaaz

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Danish Alfaaz says being constantly judged is a part and parcel of being a public figure, and he agrees it can be unfair sometimes.

Asked what he thinks about constant judgment made on content creators and influencers “I understand the concept of social media influencers and content creation on social media is fairly new but that doesn’t mean one has the right to be rude and troll us. It is very easy to sit in the comfort of your home, scroll through your Instagram feed and pass judgments but it is difficult to put yourself out there”

Danish whose song Dil Tune Toda Hai starring Sana Eslam Khan, Muskaan Sharma & Shadab Khan and directed by ace Director Dinesh Sudarshan Soi was a massive hit, states that given all the craziness content creators go through, they still “make it work, so it wouldn’t hurt being just a little considerate sometimes”.

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