July 24, 2021

Social Worker from UP Abhishek Archana Srivastava donates Rs. 51000 amidst nation’s 21 days lockdown

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Producer and Social Worker from Prayagraj district of Allahabad city, Abhishek Archana Srivastava is known for doing charity work whenever there is a crisis or necessity in the society. Now when the possibilities of accelerating the spread of the coronavirus are growing and the country remains susceptible to a potentially more damaging outbreak, Abhishek Archana Srivastava has again come forward to contribute his bit to help the underprivileged people amidst this 21 days locked up period across India.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced a complete lockdown across India, which he said was a "just like a curfew", starting midnight from today in wake of the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Every district, every village will go under lockdown for 21 days. This is a type of curfew, much more stringent than Janta Curfew was necessary to break the chain of the COVID-19 virus.

“I can feel the pain of underprivileged people who work everyday to earn their bread and butter. In the situation of this crisis, they who barely earn a single meal per day somehow after working hard, may not be having any food in their plates tomorrow. This was my outmost concern so I decided to contribute a small bit of Rupees 51,000 for the betterment of these underprivileged people. The amount has been donated to a trust worthy NGO Manav Seva Sansthan who works sincerely for the well being of people in need. I do this for my inner satisfaction only and will always keep on doing.”

We would like to mention that Abhishek Archana Srivastava is the proud son of Mrs. Archana Srivastava who is an Additional Judge at Prayagraj High Court, Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh state. Recently during the winter season, when it was too much cold, Abhishek Archana Srivastava was being clicked by the media while donating money and blankets to the needy & poor people. May God bless this son of Uttar Pradesh so that he keeps on doing such acts of humanity and serve the society.

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