July 24, 2021

Sanjeev Pendharkar, Director, VICCO Laboratories, felicitated entrepreneurs and shared his insights on entrepreneurship.

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Sanjeev Pendharkar, Director, VICCO Laboratories, felicitated entrepreneurs and shared his insights on entrepreneurship at the Empower Awards ceremony organised by Empower Trainers Private Limited at Mahakavi Kalidas Natya Mandir in Mumbai on January 20.
The Empower Awards were launched in 2016 by Ghanshyam Kolambe, CMD, Empower Trainers Private Limited, to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional work by the trailblazers of the entrepreneurial world in the face of ever increasing competition. After four years of great success, the company organized the award ceremony for 5th time to felicitate the achievers from the business landscape in the direct selling industry.
Thanking Mr.Kolambe for the invitation, Sanjeev Pendharkar said, “I am truly humbled to be sharing space here with some of the most visionary entrepreneurs, industry stalwarts, business houses and numerous associated partners across a myriad of industries. To be sharing my experiences in an event that focuses on subjects like entrepreneurship and innovation is a matter of immense pleasure and pride for me as this is the subject I live and breathe each moment”.
Sanjeev Pendharkar added, “I would like to congratulate Mr.Ghanshyam Kolambe for all his efforts and hard work that he keeps putting into organizing events like these with the sole aim of recognizing the efforts of all budding and established entrepreneurs in the direct selling industry through its annual award programs. Bringing 200 plus direct selling companies, CMDs, MDs, Directors, software companies, leaders, networkers, product suppliers and businessman all under one roof is nothing short of ‘a stroke of genius.’ And for me, to be able to address some of the most innovative minds across the country is a great privilege”.
The other eminent personalities present at the ceremony included: MLA Sunil Raut, former MP Anant Geete, Rishikant Shinde (Chairman, Prime Flix), Abhijeet Rane, Sanjeev Gupta (CEO, Global Advertisers) and many more.
The other 2020 Direct Selling awards categories included Crorepati Award in Direct Selling, Business Entrepreneurs Award, Champion Direct Selling Company Award, Best Product Supplier Award, Best Trainer Award and Best Direct Selling Software Award.
A strong advocate of direct selling industry, Pendharkar said, “It’s 2020. And technology is at its all-time high. In this high paced technological era, where target audiences are easily approachable through social media and other digital contact tools, direct selling has evolved into a go-to strategy for all, from budding businesses to established enterprises. To encourage and support this industry is the need of the hour”.
In Mr. Pendharkar’s opinion, Direct Selling is “the 21st-century business” providing self-employment opportunities to India’s large workforce. Apart from providing income opportunities, it provides a myriad of skills in sales, management, human behavior and speaking which are quite beneficial outside the industry too.
Felicitating the top players, Mr. Pendharkar said, “The route from an idea to a well-established business is a turbulent one. For all the entrepreneurial plungers who intend to dip their toes in this entrepreneurial world, the only reason behind the leap should be passion. There should be no other reason to become an entrepreneur. As I too started my journey as a young entrepreneur from Mumbai who was passed on the baton in 1986, I know firsthand about the time, energy and efforts that go into starting a business. So, unless you are truly fueled by the passion to do so, don’t jump into it”.
Further stressing on the importance of perseverance and faith, Mr. Pendharkar added, “Entrepreneurship is not an overnight or few months’ game. There will be times in your journey when you will feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. The key is to keep pushing through. Drape yourself in faith and keep marching ahead. As long as you are driven by passion and wrapped in unshakeable faith, there is no stopping you”.
Sharing his bit about his entrepreneurial journey and the hard learned lessons through his voyage of building VICCO as one of the most sought-after brand on a global level, Pendharkar said, “I hope that the things I just shared here helps make the journey of all the aspiring entrepreneurs trouble-free and less bumpy and I truly wish you all the best in all your hereafter endeavors. May you soar the greatest of altitudes and leave a lasting impact.”
Awardee Name
1) Rajgopal sharma
2) Ajay Sharma
3) Vedprakash Ojha
4) Rajesh Bubane
5) Umesh C
6) Sandeep Kandale
7) Sunil Dalvi
8) Dattatray Kadam
9) Jalal Shaikh
10) Santosh Tamhane
11) Sachin Sukale
12) Deepak Mane
13) Amit Dhuri
14) Prakash Patade
15) Balaji Nikam
16) Sunil Sisale
17) Shivadhar Kushwaha
18) Narayan Jadhav
19) Mangesh Patil
20) Mathew George
21) Sanjay Wadhwa
22) Santosh Shirke
23) Vishwas Shinde
24) Kishor Kakade
25) Kamaljeet Singh, Green Planet
26) Vijay Pawar, Pamosa Trade India Pvt.Ltd
27) Deepak Matalia, Deepak Energy Conservatives Pvt. Ltd.
29) Shivaji Chamkire, INFLUX Group
30) Dr. Ramesh Patil, Dhanwantari Distributor Pvt. Ltd.
31) Mi Lifestyle
34) Sunrasia Group
35) Nilesh V. Sapkal
36) KAUTIK DANDGE, Maharshtra Bazarpeth
37) Yogesh Kadam, Season World
39) Mayur Thakare, The Soul Event
40) Kalyanji Jana
41) Ali Khan
42) Ishrat Ali
43) Rajesh Puri
44) Dalia Mitra
45) Ankita Jana
46) Uttam Jaju
47) Ashfaque Shaikh
48) M.Q. Khan
49) Shailesh Jain
50) Dinesh Sudarsghan Soi
51) Raj Kale
52) Santosh Sapkal
53) Deepak Shinde
54) Mrs. Pavitra Sawant
55) Dinesh Bhoir
56) Nilesh Sathe
57) Ashok Mhatre
58) Premkumar Shinde, PS SmartVision Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
59) Arjun Mir, Indradhum Herbal
61) Jai Karia, Beyond Concept
64) Shailesh Jain, Jain Motors

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