July 24, 2021

Anirudh, Mrunal, Rishabh & Arsh seek attention with ‘Tum Kaho Toh’

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Acting is all about getting into the character and when an actor does this, here is the game. The former line fits on all the four actors who delivered excellent performances in recently released Music Video ‘Tum Kaho Toh’ distributed by Zee Music Company. The music video has been highly appreciated by each and everyone but alongwith this, all the actors got appraisal for their fabulous acting which made the music video look very realistic and audience got connected with it as they were able to feel what was being portrayed. Directed by Dinesh Sudarshan Soi, the music video was on YouTube top 50 Trending list for 4 days and went upto #8. The Producers are overwhelmed with the tremendous response and so are the actors who all are social media influencers by profession.
Talking in detail by this interesting cast, the lead boy Anirudh Sharma who is just 21 years hails from Una, Himachal Pradesh and has done Business Management from Canada. He aims to be a good actor and make a mark in the industry. The lead girl Mrunal Panchal who hails from Vapi, Gujarat has done BBA from Pune. Currently she is counted among top notch social media Influencers and beauty bloggers of the country. She aims to create her own merchandise of makeup and travel across the globe. Anirudh and Mrunal’s chemistry has been highly appreciated by the audience. The third person who got notified in the music video is Rishabh Chawla who is also an influencer at the young age of 22 years and has done graduation in journalism. His character as Mrunal’s best friend who somehow creates confusion to Anirudh of being her boy friend attracts everyone’s attention. Not but the least is Arsh Fam who has won the hearts with his power packed acting skills in negative lead role. Hailing from City Beautiful Chandigarh, Arsh Fam holds Law degree and likes to travel, Vlog and act.

The Commander of the ship Dinesh Sudarshan Soi’s direction has also been admired by all. The beautiful music video was very well promoted on TV channels and social media platforms by Zee Music Channel where as the audio is still streaming all over. "We are extremely happy with the response of 'Tum Kaho Toh'. The credit goes to Dinesh ji not only for brilliant direction but also for assembling the amazing cast with whom audience built up a connection. As Tum Kaho Toh's concept wanted actors who could act really well, we were very particular about the cast. These four main actors are basically Social media influencers and Dinesh ji had full faith in them. He was very much right which I realised after seeing the first rough cut of the video only. Now we are coming up with another music video titling 'Hifaazat' which will be produced by me & Sarkar Ali and will be directed by our favourite Dinesh Sudarshan Soi onl" said Producer Abhishek Archana Srivastava. All the best guys for Hifaazat and wish you keep coming up with many more amazing projects !!

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