April 17, 2021

Gagan Anand – the creative vagabond is an interesting mix of brains and looks

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An actor gets a big high when in limelight. This limelight though addictive has its own share of complications. And not many actors realise this . Going to gym or eating the right diet or going to auditions isn’t life all about . ‘Life is about constant evolving and constant learning…’ says Gagan Anand actor from karnal who came to mumbai after completing his degree in Fashion Design . An accidental actor – Gagan essayed many popular roles on tv – Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera, Peshawa Bajirao amongst dozen others . Recently he was also seen donning the controversial role of a bisexual man in the web series Fixerr for Zee5 and Alt Balaji.

The thing that fascinated us most about gagan was that he recently posted updates on his social media handle for his web shows Baarish and Fixerr where he worked as an assistant director . Gagan – the Multi talented actor doesn’t fail to surprise us … if acting and direction was not enough , we learnt from sources that he even does Fashion Choreography and Photography. He recently directed fashion shows for some brands and the shows were organised in Goa, Chennai, Pune and more recently in Mumbai. Photographer, Fashion Choreographer , Web Series Assistant Director and an Actor all rolled into one !!!

Gagan believes that once you master one trade , start learning things outside your core competence – today is the age of generalists and life in general is happier that way says this maverick actor .

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