April 17, 2021

Renowned bollywood actor/ model Gagan Anand reveals the tips & tricks to remain super fit and happy

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There’s a lot of interest in becoming fit these days, but not many people are dedicated to put in the amount of hard work that goes into it. As an actor and model, I know the value of fitness and its direct impact to our work in the industry. Working out in the gym is something I enjoy very passionately; it is my stress buster and automatic habit that gets me going and moving when I'd rather not.

I strongly believe that you can train yourself to improve the quality of your life by simply starting to eat heathier, nutritious food options, by making sure you focus on the nutrients and workout consistently. As eating and a workout go hand in hand. My workout schedule is simple and basic – it includes bit cardio and a proper stretching exercises after workout. Also, I make sure not to skip the workout and feel increasingly motivated to hit the gym daily.
With erratic working hours, frequent shoots and travel, having a healthy routine keeps me happy and healthy. It’s no secret that I'm very serious about my health goals, so I make sure to eat wholesome foods, that my body appreciates, like foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin D3, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B 12 and on a serious note avoid sugar loaded foods, too much oily food that extracts nutrition from a healthy skin. When talking about supplements – I take a fish oil supplement to help get enough omega-3 fatty acids. "There are many benefits of eating healthy and exercising, but feeling of positivity and happiness is chart-topping" said renowned actor and model Gagan Anand who is doing multiple Web Series for ALTBalaji.

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