April 17, 2021

Aussie escapades with Gagan Anand

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I visited Australia in pre-Diwali week for vacation and I must say that this trip while enjoyable and fun had its own sharing of learning’s for me .I visited Gold coast, Carins and Sydney.. Aussie holiday cannot be without it’s own share of adrenaline rush and water sports and it wasn’t any different for me . I did snorkeling and scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns . While the phenomenon of bleaching of reef and degradation thereof has been doing rounds in media , I must say that Australians are very environment conscious and they do whatever it takes to make the world around them look beautiful – they are thinking for the future and not just the past . The air is so clean, and even in the water it feels so nice.

I had a great experience of scuba diving and snokling. What amazed me most was how the transportation system of Australia cities used the water resources with world class Ferris which were mainstream.

I would like to add this in the content of Indian city like Mumbai , Chennai , southern cities Chennai, Vizag – we have an uptakes water resources which can become mainstream transportation mode. However unfortunately, I feel we are still not exploring the water as much as we should . Case in point being mumbai where we just use it from Madh to Versova as short 5 min ferry ride.

Its a great feeling to travel on water.. and we have so much of it, so why aren't we using it.. our government is taking a lot of steps for land transportation in trains and metro. I seriously believe we should think of sea/water transportation. Travel between versova , juhu, worli to madh and Vasai will be outstanding if we commit resources to it.

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