April 17, 2021

Adv Nitin Satpute on Tanushree Dutta Case

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Adv Nitin Satpute on Tanushree Dutta Case

That Bogus news and rumours has been spread in the social and media news that clean chit has been given to the Nana Patekar by the Oshiwara police station, in respect of the crime registered against Nana Patekar by Tanushri Dutta For the offence of sexual harassment.
In fact no clinch it is given to Nana Patekar and other accused by the police clinch it cannot be given orally clinch it can be approved by the concerned magistrate this rumours has been sprayed only because to get some work in the film industry As a accuse person had lost their work in film industry, ThatClean chit can be approved by the court after filing a summary report for classification of offences.
Police have recorded almost 15 witnesses but key witnesses who are the eyewitness of the incident have not recorded their statements witnesses are not coming forward because of fear of accused person as they are highly influential person. Witnesses have approached to the media show Moto and given their statement before media that they Are eyewitness but police have not recorded their statement yet. One is very much eyewitness of the incident is not ready to come forward to support the version of the Tanushree Dutta as 10 year back she was put in hurdle and legal complication.
Investigation is going on police are doing their job at their level best,There is little delay in investigation as police are busy in Controlling law and order situation as well and the election Process. Police are doing their Best. Some witnesses or implies by the interested person so that they are not coming forward and listen until the accused get arrested as there is no any protection or security or safety for the witnesses.If the accused arrested then witness will feel safe and will come forward to record their statement in the police station.
…. *Adv Nitin Satpute* lawyer for *TANUSHREE DUTTA *

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