Gajendra Verma Is Back with His New Song, ‘Yaad Karke’

It is raining good news for all Gajendra Verma fans. The singer Gajendra Verma of "Tera Ghata" fame on 18th July dropped his new breakup song " Yaad Krke'' which talks of separation., the song is already creating a buzz. For his new song, released on Thursday, Gajendra Verma teamed up with Qyuki (the media network) as well as with Aman Prajapat who has directed the music video, this is his second big gig as a music video director. Aman Prajapat also directed Punjabi song named “Off Shoulder’’ and launched Sneha Ullal in her first Punjabi music video- who was featured opposite Salman Khan in 2005 film’ Lucky: No time for Love’. He was also working on various leading TV serials as a director for channels like Zee Tv, Colours. Talking about the latest romantic track -“Yaad Karke’’ song is sung, composed and written by Gajendra Verma and features Gajendra Verma and Nidhi Tapadia. The music video of “Yaad Karke” is produced by Jay Desai and Nilesh Patel , Production Company is Joker’s Production and the Music Label is Virtual Planet Music.

The lyrics of “Yaad Karke” song is infectious and catchy. The lyrics convey exactly what we're feeling or what we wish we could say to another person when going through stages of a breakup. If you're still pining over your lost love, this song is worth blasting.
Well-Accomplished Singer, composer, lyricist and sound recordist Gajendra Verma started his career in 2008 and came under the spotlight when his song, titled “Emptiness”, also known as “Tune Mera Jaana", which he has composed seven-and-a-half years before leaked on the internet with a fake sympathetic story of a dying IIT student named Rohan Rathore. The song was viewed over 6 million times on Youtube. Currently, it has 30+ million views on Youtube & still going strong. Young and talented singer Gajendra Verma made a record on social media and became one of the most popular names in the social network of India by this song. People fell in love with the song especially the voice behind it. After that Gajendra Verma got a break on various Bollywood projects. He has sung, Love Kiya to Darna Kya, Baarish, Kudi Tu Butter, Mann Mera, Sajna, Humse Hai Life, etc. for various movies. His 2018 song, Tera Ghata, has 265+ million Youtube views & the Lyrical version has more than 125 million Youtube views. Also his 2019 Song “ Khelegi Kya ?" is going well with 10+ Million Youtube views. Some of his popular songs include Anjam, Maa Hai Yaar, Tera Hi Rahu, Mera Jahan, and Ik Kahani.

Preeminent Singer Gajendra Verma says he wanted to give a different vibe to his song, "Yaad karke", which talks of a break-up. The song explores the story of a couple who were in love and the emotions that led them to ultimately part ways. He then added "With 'Yaad karke', our vision was to bring about a different vibe to a song that talks of separation. No doubt this new song “Yaad Krke” is worthy of your ears and attention, you need to listen to it.

Recreation-star Suryaveer opens up against Baba Sehgal’s ‘Copywood’ comment; Says, “We value music”

Recreation-star Suryaveer opens up against Baba Sehgal’s ‘Copywood’ comment; Says, “We value music”

Recreation of old classic songs has never been a very safe or easy thing to opt for as, the time has witnessed, most of the times, the recreations are criticized massively by the audience. This is probably because people find a strange nostalgia with the old classics.
Delhi based new-age singer Suryaveer, who is especially famous for his song recreations, like ‘Yaara Teri Yaari’, ‘Mere Rang Mein’, ‘Ek Ajnabi’, ‘Tere Dar Par’, ‘Papa Kehte Hain’ and many more, has opened up against the recent comments of Baba Sehgal where the later has thrashed the Bollywood industry calling it “Copywood.”

In a Tweet on last Sunday, Baba has said that the recreation of old songs in Bollywood is an inevitable proof that Bollywood is left with no more creativity and original talent resulting in the outcome of ‘sad and pathetic’ songs.
Raising his voice against Baba’s allegation, Suryaveer has said, “In a democratic country, nobody can dictate what we wear, eat, listen to, create or sing. It’s our very fundamental right to experiment with music that we like. Yes, of course, the output becomes pathetic if someone recreates classic songs for the sake of it, but we, who do it for the love of the classics, really value this music. And I believe that recreation of music is more important so that we can present the old songs to the people with the new music arrangement, otherwise, those golden hits will eventually be forgotten. So, it’s kind of our duty to keep those classic gems alive among the audience”.
Suryaveer is certainly among one of those very few people who have got fame by recreating classic gems of Bollywood, as the singer’s remakes receive millions of views even without any umbrella of big brands.
Needless to say that everybody has the right to express his or her views on a certain genre of art forms and the people practicing it and of course, counter logic will keep on coming. However, the spirit of an art form, the spirit of continuous experimentation shouldn’t get suppressed under this turmoil.

Kushal Chheda’s Tongue Twister Song- ‘Aja Batla Du Mai’ is out now!

Kushal Chheda’s Tongue Twister Song- ‘Aja Batla Du Mai’ is out now!

A singer, lyricist, composer, pianist, music producer, speaker and a student of philosophy! Such is the broad spectrum of expertise of this 21 year old Mumbaikar- Kushal Chheda

A lover of music and academics alike, Kushal holds 3 degrees in music from the Trinity College of London and is about to earn his Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Mumbai.
He’s a touring musician, who regularly plays with Bollywood artists like Aditi Singh Sharma, Shirley Setia, Abhijit Sawant, Bhuvan Bum, Antara Mitra, Jonita Gandhi, etc. His collaborative cover videos on YouTube have crossed over 38 million views!

He released his debut single ‘Aja Batla Du Mai’ on the 11th of February, which has been receiving a lot of appreciation in the music industry. This ‘tongue twister song’ immediately captures one’s attention, thanks to it’s uniqueness and quirkiness. For all of you wondering ‘why is this song called the tongue twister song?’, you’ll know it when you hear it!

When asked about “how do you manage your studies and music work together?”, he simply answers “I don’t! I love philosophy and music both. The idea is to do one thing at a time, and to do it really well.”

Kushal likes to go by the stage name ‘#KushalMangal’. He believes that life is all about the few moments where one enjoys, laughs and loves. These moments make life worth it. He hopes to curate such special moments in people’s lives through his music.