It’s a social media generation and Aadil Khan is the game with the hottest celebs on his channel.

It’s a social media generation and Aadil Khan is the game with the hottest celebs on his channel.
A renowed YouTuber, now a Celebrity & Celebrity Choreographer with over 71million+ views on his dance videos, Aadil Khan has taken the industry by storm. Touted as one of the most recognised Bollywood choreographers in Mumbai and slowly stepping into modeling which has been his very drive to move to Mumbai from Delhi. His popularity has been capitulating with a consistently growing fan base of dance lovers. Aadil has various dance shows to his credit.
Aadil Khan is a social media influencer and has been consistently seen promoting big brands and collaborating with music companies. Like
T-series, Sony Music India, Desi music factory  & Zee Music Company ..
He recently debuted opposite famous TV actress JIGYASA Singh (TV FAME) .
Music Label – Zee Music Music Company
Director – Ramji Gulati
Casting Director – Dinesh Sudarshan Soi
AADIL KHAN’s dance covers on YouTube have the most beautiful and talented actresses shaking a leg with him like AVIKA GOR,  ELLI AVRAM, ALANKRITA SAHAY, ANKITTA SHARMA , LOPAMUDRA RAUT, MUSSKAN SETHI, GAYATRI BHARDWAJ  to name a few.
Naming just the leading ladies wasn’t enough, he has also made ANIL Kapoor and the star singer Sherly Sethia move to his choreography.
Having a great fan base and gaining popularity in the industry, his recent chat show is all set to go live with some great personalities coming in and sharing their secrets and laughing their hearts out on his YouTube Channel’s NEW SEGMENT DANCE PE CHANCE WITH AADIL KHAN.
And hereby we wish Aadil all the very best. Keep rocking young man !!

Trailer and poster launch of Krishna Abhishek’s comedy Hindi film Sharmaji Ki Lag Gai .

Trailer and poster launch of Krushna Abhishek’s comedy Hindi film Sharmaji Ki Lag Gai .
Nilkanth Regmi, Vanshmani Sharma of Rock Mountain Productions in association with Tweet Entertainment kept the trailer and poster launch of their Comedy film Sharmaji Ki Lag Gayi at The View Preview, Andheri West. Anil Sharma and Mehul Kumar came specially to launch the poster of the film . Krushna Abhishek , Mugdha Godse, Brijendra Kala, Hemant Pandey, Himani Shivpuri came to launch the trailer. Sunil Pal, choreographer Lollypop,Vinay Anand, Kashmeera Shah, Aarti Singh also came to attent the event . Songs are written and composed by Praveen Bhardwaj. Manoj Sharma is the director of film . The film will release on 

Vibhu Agarwal: Ullu App Will Be First App For Entire Bharat!

Ullu App is all set to give the Netflix and Amazon Primes a run for their money! At least in India! While the Netflix and Amazon Primes of the world are wooing the urban youth, there’s Ullu App totally targetting not just the urban and rural but an all round massy audience! ULLU app which is now available for viewing has been working on interesting content, content that’s for everyone!

Talking about the scalability of this App, Vibhu states, “Ullu App not just B2C but very B2B as well. It really has opened gateway for small time producers and filmmakers who can’t find platforms to showcase their work! This App will see lots of content seeing the light of the day.”

So what makes this app any different? It’s price point! “While other apps charge customers 500-600 bucks per month, mine is an app that anyone and everyone can download and consume content for, for a measly sum of Rs. 36 per annum. Yes, you heard that right! It’s as low as that!” exclaims Vibhu. Correcting before being misconstrued as a lowly app with low quality content Vibhu says, “This content is targeted not at an age group or urban youth but towards people of every class and boasts of web series and short films that are going to make for amazing watch. Ullu App is the first App for entire Bharat!”

ULLU App will see shows starring actors like Tanushree Dutta, Sudhanshu Pandey, Shraddha Das, Vivan Bhatena, Vijay Raaj, Rajpal Yadav, Madhurima Tuli, Mrunal Jain, Nilima Azim and many others. There will be film festival releases, biopics on famous personalities, gripping fiction content on topics such as the business behind Mumbai dance bars so on and so forth!

Tv host Karan Singh Chhabra and designer Poorvi Doshi associate with PETA India’s campaign on saving fishes

Tv host Karan Singh Chhabra and designer Poorvi Doshi associate with PETA India’s campaign on saving fishes

15th February , Worli, Mumbai

Fashion for a cause is what exactly was at display at Pernia s Pop Up Show recently. “Fishes Deserve an Ocean and Freedom Just as we do and thats the message we want to give everyone out here ” said Mr Sachin Bangera , Member , PETA .

“As a designer I have always believed in giving back and about my co existence, and this campaign is something I believed so much in. I always believe in live and let live so let us make the fishes live in clean ocean ” Mentioned Poorvi Doshi

The event was hosted by bollywood chat show host and content producer Karan Singh Chhabra who made everyone pledge to not indulge / support in selling and purchase of fishes for the purpose of a fish tank / aquarium.
‘How would you feel if someone kept you in a closed glass room for your lifetime ?” he questioned the audience.

Models wearing the latest collection walked the ramp wearing plastic bags on their head to depict the message of “Fish in Tank , No thanks ! “

Horror Thriller film ‘THE TAPE’ has finally been taken up for world wide distribution by Global Genesis Group, USA in the American Film Market, 2018. Directed by Saket S Behl and Casted by Dinesh Sudarshan Soi

After being presented in Brussels International Film Festival and Cannes one another Horror Thriller film ‘THE TAPE’ has finally been taken up for world wide distribution by Global Genesis Group, USA in the American Film Market, 2018.
Directed by Saket S Behl, ‘THE TAPE’ shows the tough struggle of a family to survive against the deadly, vengeful spirit in an old solitary farmhouse where they spot for vacations.
Shot at the virgin locations and dark forests of Himachal Pradesh, film stars Samir Soni, Sonika Chopra, Jazz Sodhi, Anuradha Khaira, Kriya Varaiya and Jyoti Patel. All the characters fit the bill like glove in hand and must say that the Casting Director of the movie Dinesh Sudarshan Soi has done an excellent job. Date of worldwide release will be out soon. Beautifully written by Vekeana Dhillon and Puneet Sira, this movie could be a good treat for the Horror Thriller movie viewers …

Desh Ki Jeet

What’s Desh Ki Jeet?

Desh Ki Jeet gives people the power to open up, voice out, and stay informed and actively involved in nation building. This is the platform for the everyday Indian to discuss and decide about everything that is related to India’s growth and India’s wins as a nation.

We are launching this movement with the concentration on the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections because this is where we see India most united, concerned and engaged as one nation.

DeshKiJeet will not be limited to elections; in fact, it will touch all spheres, like industry, economy, science & technology, music, art, and so on.

From manufacturing a tiny chip to launching a grand mission, from winning an international cricket match to a regional Sepak Takraw game, every day the nation is winning in numerous ways. And many times these achievements go unnoticed and diluted amidst the plethora of other news. But we believe that every win matters. And we are dedicated to recognizing them. We want every head to turn and see and feel a sense of national pride in their hearts. We want the nation’s every accomplishment to motivate and inspire the people, to engage people’s imaginations and emotions and show them what they are capable of doing or becoming.
We are starting a war today. And this war will be fought not with swords and bullets but with the internet and this website. We are going on a battle to fight for our nation’s win. This website is not about religions, castes and statuses but everything about DeshKiJeet, where Hindustan’s win is everybody’s win.